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"A beautiful aircraft is the expression of the genius of a great engineer, who is also a great artist."

Nevil Shute, No Highway, New York (Willliam Morrow & Co.) 1947.

1/7 scale wind tunnel
development model
Espadon SO-6025,
French, circa 1948.
The Espadon (Swordfish) was a single-seater interceptor designed for the French air force, it was developed by the Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques de Sud-Ouest (SNCASO), under the design leadership of Lucien Servanty.

It flew for the first time on 12th of November 1948 with a Rolls Royce Nene Mk-100 turbojet built under license by Hispano Suiza. The Espadon lacked power so was uprated by using a under fuselage SEPR 25 auxiliary rocket motor, which ran on a mix of fluraline and nitric acid.

The Espadon was further developed and became the first European aircraft to reach Mach 1 in level flight on the 15th of December 1953, piloted by Andre Turcat.
G.A.C. 100 MODEL.
1/10 scale wind
tunnel development
model of a G.A.C.100.
USA, circa 1969.
The model is constructed out of laminated mahogany, and has moving ailerons, rudder, and trims. Wingspan: 7ft (214 cm) It was made in 1969 by F.W. Dixon & Co of Newton MA, for General Aircraft Corp. Pasadena, California.

The model was tested in the wind tunnel at the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, Cambridge, MA. The tests were led by Prof. J.T.

Bicknell of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 26th of February 1969 to 9th of April 1969.

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