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SAS DC-8 model by Fermo
Dunhill "Jet" lighter
Nose cone wind tunnel development model
Vickers propellers
Gloster Javelin ejection seat
Hawk wing desk
Canberra Ejection seat by Martin Baker
Boeing 747 model British Airways Livery
Boeing 727 model by Verkuyl
Boeing 747 model by Verkuyl
Avia Radial Engine table
Holophane hanger light
Douglas Destroyer wind tunnel model
WWII Airspeed AS.10 Oxford propeller
Wind tunnel models for the design of wings.
Wind tunnel propellers from NASA Langley Research Centre
British Airways Concorde model 1/36 scale
Wind tunnel model of a jet engine
AGA portable lighthouse light 4th order
Hawker Hunter Ejection Seat
Wind Tunnel model for a Jet Engine design
DC-9 intake mirror
Constellation "Connie" propeller
GAC-100 wind tunnel model
Sud-Ouest Espadon Wind Tunnel Model
Rolls Royce Twin Turbine Table
Rolls Royce Pegasus Turbine Table
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy Propeller
Sounding Rocket Model
Rolls Royce Conway Mirror
Aluminium Military Case
Douglas C-118B Model
DC-10 model
Hanger light
Large Hanger light
Designer's concept model
Nimrod Wind Tunnel Model
Vickers Viscount Model for KLM
Victor V-bomber model
Airship Generator propeller
Czech Cold War Era Observation Binoculars
Zeiss periscope binocular
Krauss XSP Turret Monocular