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Cinema Projector

Cinema Projector

Cinema Projector


Place of Origin France

Date of Manufacture Circa 1950

Dimensions H 195.0cm  |  76.8in
W 160.0cm  |  63.0in

A 35mm cinema projector by Mécanique Industrielle de Précision.

Lens by Pierre Angénieux of Paris.

Mole Richardson carbon arc lighthouse, now fitted with domestic mains electricity light fitting.

MIP film projectors were made from 1928 until the early 1960's, first in the Paris region and from 1938 on the site of the Marque Factory in Tulle, Corrèze. MIP was founded by Pierre-Victor Continsouza, a pioneer in filmmaking. Continsouza filed numerous patents in this field, including that of the famous 4-branched Maltese cross which was the company logo. The projector has the MIP label.

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