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Kinora Viewer

Kinora Viewer

Kinora Viewer

Place of Origin England

Date of Manufacture Circa 1905

Dimensions H 23.0cm  |  9.1in
W 21.0cm  |  8.3in
D 18.0cm  |  7.1in

A rare cast iron model of the Kinora monochrome motion picture viewer, with double viewing lens arrangement, circa 1905.

With reel of the Boat Race.

Marked "The Kinora registered trade mark" in gilt lettering.

The Kinora was an early motion picture device, developed by the French inventors Auguste and Louis Lumière in 1895, and patented in February 1896. The British rights to the Kinora were bought by The British Mutoscope & Biograph Co. in 1898, but the machine was not marketed in the UK until 1902.

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