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Pobjoy Niagara Propeller

Pobjoy Niagara Propeller

Pobjoy Niagara Propeller


Place of Origin England

Date of Manufacture Circa 1943

Dimensions W 82.0inch  |  208.3cm

A WWII era laminated mahogany twin blades propeller, with brass leading edges, dated 1943.

For the starboard engine of a Pobjoy Niagara powered aircraft.

Markings and date on hub.

The Pobjoy Niagara is a British seven-cylinder, air-cooled, radial, aero-engine first produced in 1934. The design ran at higher speeds than conventional engines, and used reduction gearing to lower the speed of the propeller. This led to a noticeable off-centre mounting for the propeller. The Niagara was a popular engine for light and experimental aircraft.

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