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Ship's Log "Cherub" Rotator

Ship's Log

Ship's Log "Cherub" Rotator


Place of Origin England

Date of Manufacture Circa 1930

Dimensions H 40.0cm  |  15.7in
W 16.0cm  |  6.3in
D 16.0cm  |  6.3in

A 1930's brass "Cherub" rotor used with a Walker's ship's taffrail log, by Thomas Walker & Sons, Birmingham.

Patented by Thomas Ferdinand Walker (1837–1921) in 1878.

Mounted on a later mahogany display stand.

Dimensions of stand: W: 51 cm. D: 12 cm. H: 15 cm.

The rotor would have been connected to an indicator attached the stern of a ship, the rotor was towed behind the ship. The revolutions of the rotor registered on the indicator, thus measuring the distance traveled. For this model, 900 revolutions of the rotor registered as 1 nautical mile.

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