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Tangye Pulley Block

Tangye Pulley Block

Tangye Pulley Block

Place of Origin England

Date of Manufacture Circa 1870

A mid 19th century differential pulley, also called "Weston differential pulley", by Tangye Ltd of Birmingham. The company acquired the patent of the differential pulley-block in 1861.

One side of the pulley is marked/cast "TANGYE BIRMINGHAM". The other side reads "WESTON BLOCK" and on the arm "TANGYE PATENT".

The pulley is used to manually lift heavy objects, It is operated by pulling upon the slack section of a continuous chain that wraps around pulleys. The relative size of two connected pulleys determines the maximum weight that can be lifted by hand. The load will remain in place (and not lower under the force of gravity) until the chain is pulled.

Sir Richard Trevithick Tangye (24 November 1833 – 14 October 1906) was a British manufacturer of engines and other heavy equipment.

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