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Walnut Bureau Cabinet

Walnut Bureau Cabinet

Walnut Bureau Cabinet

Place of Origin Italy

Date of Manufacture Circa 1875

Dimensions H 295.0cm  |  116.1in
W 156.0cm  |  61.4in
D 68.0cm  |  26.8in

A large and exceptionally detailed Italian inlaid walnut bureau cabinet of exhibition quality.

The two door upper cabinet section is flanked by solomonic columns, each door has gorgoneia carved heads of Medusa and panels depicting a woodland landscape with Vulcan's forge. The left panel has a scene of putti producing Cupid's magical arrows. The right panel has Venus, Vulcan, Cupid and putti practising firing the bow and arrows. The cabinet has a central clock surmounted by the head of a Satyr surrounded by a broken pediment, flanked by sleeping men possibly representing Cronos.

The fall front bureau section also has carved panels with mythological characters, the central rectangular panel depicts Amphitrite, the consort of Poseidon, with putti and sea monsters, either side are roundels of Poseidon (Neptune) with Amphitrite, and Poseidon riding a sea monster. The fitted architectural interior contains a row of four small solomonic columns, with three drawers either side. The inside of the fall front has a carved Pudicitia panel dedicated to the memory and virtue of Domitilla Augusta Vespasian, the only daughter of the Roman Emperor Vespasian, with SPQR the symbol of the Roman Senate.

The front of the bureau cabinet is supported by Mermen, and the back panel has a pair of coats of arms, carved in relief, of a Tower with archway over rocks or hills.

The cabinet is inlaid with ebony, boxwood, ivory, bone, mother of pearl and brass.

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