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Zeiss 10 x 80 UDF binoculars

Zeiss 10 x 80 UDF binoculars

Zeiss 10 x 80 UDF binoculars

Place of Origin Germany

Date of Manufacture Circa 1943

Signed 346925 UDF 10x80 blc

Dimensions H 28.0cm  |  11.0in
W 30.0cm  |  11.8in
D 51.0cm  |  20.1in

A pair Carl Zeiss Jena (blc) 10 x 80 UDF binoculars, made in 1943.

This binocular is an experimental model of an above water Zeilfernrohrs for the U-boat Zeieloptik (UZO). This binoculars was tested by Zeiss for UZO a torpedo U-boat aiming devices.

A document marked secret presentation by Zeiss to senior Kriegsmarine torpedo officers, dated 10th January 1944, states that such a binocular on an aiming column with 10 times magnification; 7° field of view and 8 mm exit pupil was operating on a test basis.
Literature Zeiss Handfernglaser 1919-1946, Modelle - Merkmale - Mythos, by Hans Seeger. Page: 483

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