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Zeiss 8 x 60 binoculars

Zeiss 8 x 60 binoculars

Zeiss 8 x 60 binoculars

Place of Origin Germany

Date of Manufacture Circa 1936

A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena 8 x 60 binoculars, known as the "Deck Mounted 8 x 60", designed by CZJ for the Navy to be used to search and target aircraft at night.

Four filters operated by levers for each eyepiece. Graticule in right-hand ocular. Extendable sunshades. Coated optics.

Rubber brow pad marked: D.R.G.M.

Literature Militärische Ferngläser und Fernrohre in Heer, Luftwaffe und Marine : Military binoculars and telescopes in Army , Air Force and Navy / Hans Seeger. Pages: 296 & 297

Zeiss Handfernglaser 1919-1946, Modelle - Merkmale - Mythos, by Hans Seeger. Pages: 370 - 376.

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