We are a family run business established in 1961 by Simon Hatchwell. From our base in the lanes in Brighton, we exported classical antiques worldwide and via our outlets in Germany and our second main base in Copenhagen. They were raw and exciting days crossing the tumultuous North Sea and battling raging Nordic snowstorms. The trade loop was completed in the late 1970’s when we started bringing wonderful Beidermeier furniture back to Brighton.




Simon was joined by his son Allan in the mid 1980’s, who brought with him his passion for engineering and optical instruments. The business expanded in 1991 and saw the opening of the new London shop which showcased items that celebrated the brilliance of the Golden era of aviation and the jet age.




The business has evolved, and now offers inspiring design pieces created by highly sophisticated aircraft parts, engines and models. The extensive showroom in Chelsea’s design quarter houses examples of how these contemporary adaptations can sit alongside luxury classical furniture and 20th Century design making it a true destination shop.

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